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Isolation, Emptiness and Meaninglessness

What is it all about? Does life have a meaning? What is my purpose in life?
Most of the time we are so caught up in the day-to-day activities of our lives that we don’t have time to ponder these questions. But these are questions that most of us have asked ourselves at one time or another. This may happen when we face an important decision, like where we want to live, who we want to marry, or what we want to do with our lives. But other times it can happen because the fabric of our lives has unraveled, for whatever reason, and has left us feeling confused, adrift, unmoored.


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What is the fabric that holds our lives together?
It is our family, friends, work and community, along with our core values and beliefs. Each stage of life brings the possibility of experiences that may rupture one or more parts of this fabric. We may lose a job or, worse, a loved one. We may suffer a divorce, or move to a new town. Someone with a full life–a family and career–might be left feeling empty as the children leave home and/or retirement looms. The birth of a disabled child, ongoing problems in a relationship, unrest in the world, and many other experiences can challenge our fundamental beliefs, require us to reconsider who we thought we were or redefine what is important to us. Such experiences can undermine our sense of connection and belonging in the world, and can precipitate a crisis of meaning or faith.

How do we restore our sense of meaning and purpose, or our sense of belonging in the world?
When our previous values and beliefs start to falter, and a crisis of faith or meaning is upon us, the door is wide open for significant growth and change; this can mark the beginning of a transformational process. Many have found that through dialogue with a trained therapist, and reflection within a peaceful, supportive environment, they can find their way back to a previous sense of direction in life, or traverse a new path and build a new foundation for the future. At Integrative Psychotherapy Associates, we have therapists who are specially trained to work with these issues, to guide a process of self discovery at the deepest personal, philosophical or spiritual levels. With such help, you can find new strength and resilience, a greater depth of wisdom and maturity, and set the stage for new meaning and purpose to emerge.

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